NAF PIV® Gas ( halon 1211 replacement/ BCF) - clean agent, non-halon

Identified as HCFC Blend E by the US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency),  NAF PIV has carefully been formulated in order to optimize both the physical and extinguishing characteristics closely to those of Halon 1211.  NAF PIV fire extinguishers can be safely used when an inert, electrically non-conducting media is essential or desirable. The ingredients used in NAF PIV have ben evaluated under the PAFT Chronic Toxicity Testing Programme and have been confirmed to have not known chronic toxicity. The LC50 is 13.9% and therefore allows the safe use of NAF PIV NAF PIV is manufactured by our principal,  Safety Hi-Tech - Italy.  Safety Hi-Tech has been a pioneer in Clean Agent fire protection technologies and Clean Agent fire extinguishing systems since 1987. Safety Hi-Tech has played an important role in Halon  phase out and replacement globally and we quickly gaining an undisputed credibility in this field. Capable of fighting class A.B and C fires.

Physical Properties of NAF PIV®

Ozone Depletion Potential


Global Wa rming Potential (CO2 100 year)


Atmospheric Lifetime


Molecular Weight


Boiling Point @ 1 ATM. °C


Density of Liquid @ 25 °C 


Viscosity of Liquid @ 25 °C (cP)