Quality control is not just an afterthought at Cahaya Gemilang. Our product are manufactured to meet highly safety requirement, on the other side has optimal capability in fire fighting and fire safety with high quality standard and well guarantee. Portable fire extinguisher products are listed cylinder with European Directive PED97/23/EC with CE mark. Trolley and Thermatic units are produced with strong design, through excellent production process, to meet high quality product and long term use.

We produce series of fire safety products which consist of:
1. Portable Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher
2. Wheeled Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher
3. Wheeled Cartridge System Completed with Regulator Fire Extingusiher
4. Thermatic System Fire Extinguisher
5. FireDetec Autonomous Fire Supression System

Fire Extinguishing Media that we offer covers :
1. NAF PIV® Gas ( halon 1211 replacement/ BCF) - clean agent, non-halon
2. ABC Dry Chemical Powder
3. CO2 gas
4. AFFF Foam
5. We also provide NAF System Gas (NAF S-125)